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Emay Cowx, C2C Strategies
Address: 5 Chadwick Crescent
Richmond Hill  Ontario  L4B 2W6

C2C Strategies is a management consulting firm specializing in advising, developing and implementing strategic business plans through the application of  engagement, facilitation and consultation strategies.  Outreach and engagement strategies are important ways in which organizations interact with key communities to inform and implement their long term goals.  Communities of interest may include external or internal parties, possess varying degrees of understanding about your business, or be subject to cultural sensitivities.  Developing focused outreach strategies will come from having a thorough understanding of the goals themselves, highlighting the opportunities provided by such outreach, and accepting of the constraints and limitations that organizations may be naturally subject to.  Successful outreach will be characterized through establishing long term, respectful relationships with those communities.  

Principal Consultant and owner, Emay Cowx is an IAF Certified™ Professional Facilitator with over 25 years of experience predominantly in the energy industry in North America; leveraging from a foundation of technical knowledge covering regulatory, planning, sales and policy development.  C2C has transformed these insights into efficiently delivered engagement strategies which permit organizations to effectively work with business to business stakeholders, internal and external communities, and First Nations and Métis people.


  • Strategic dialogue
  • Stakeholder and community outreach
  • First Nations and Métis outreach
  • Strategic communications planning, research and writing

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