Combined Energy Options Ontario Working Group

Past Chair: Dr. Christine Koenig 

This working group works on long-term energy planning matters. In the spring of 2016, the working group developed a survey for the OSEA membership to rank strategic priorities, defining the scope of Ontario's next long-term energy plan. View the Report on OSEA's LTEP 2016 Membership Survey.

The working groups major initiative is the Combined Energy Options Ontario (CEOO) Study. A study that aims to model the transition to a low-carbon, decentralize, integrated and inclusive energy system. 

Combined Energy Options Ontario will provide a model/tool for evidence-based decision-making in the pursuit to develop a low-carbon, decentralized, combined, affordable and sustainable energy system in Ontario.

The Mission of the CEOO Study is to:

- proactively engage in Ontario’s long-term energy planning process and to steer it into the direction of a comprehensive energy systems plan, including heating, cooling, transportation, and electrical energy infrastructure and systems.

- conduct a comprehensive feasibility study on, and develop a simulation and model of a future 100% sustainable energy system to support this process and OSEA’s mission.

Objectives of Combined Energy Options Ontario

Conduct a comprehensive study into Ontario’s sustainable energy resources and today’s energy systems, and based thereon develop a simulation and model for a future

100% sustainable – low carbon, combined energy system

The study, and its results, documentation, and models will:

      • help us understand how and when such an energy system can be realized and under what circumstances it will become feasible,
      • investigate the economic, environmental and societal opportunities,
      • identify the technological and political barriers to implementation,
      • lend itself to public communication and education of our politicians and public officials about the chances and opportunities of such an energy future.

View or Download:

- [New!] Combined Energy Option Ontario Study Short Proposal 

- Combined Energy Options Ontario Study Proposal Presentation

- Fraunhofer IWES KombiKraftwerk (Combined Power Plant) Presentation

Other Resources & Links

Fraunhofer IWES KombiKraftwerk (Combined Power Plant Study:

Kombikraftwerk 2 (English)

Kombikraftwerk - Simulation - Time Series

Videos from the Kombikraftwerk Study: (in German)

Kombikraftwerk 2 - Stable Electricity from Renewables

Kombikraftwerk 2 - Stable Electricity from Renewables (short version)

September 21st, 2016 CEOO Workshop Presentation

Ontario Planning Outlook, by Michael Lyle, Vice President, Planning Law & Aboriginal Relations, Independent Electricity System Operator (Download PDF)


Ontario Planning Outlook - Technical Report and Graphs

Role of Natural Gas Grid in our Low-carbon Future, by David Teichroeb, Business Development - New Ventures, Enbridge Gas Distribution (Download PDF)

Electricity Planning in Transition, by Birendra N. Singh, IESO Distinguished Research Fellow, Centre for Urban Energy, Ryerson University (Download PDF)

Combined Energy Options Ontario, by Dr. Christine Koenig, Chair of OSEA's LTEP/CEOO Working Group & Partner, Ontario Sustainability Services Inc. (Download PDF)

Working Group Details

Working Group Members:

Dr. Christine Koenig (Past Chair)

Nicole Risse (Staff)

Maike Althaus

Klas Bockasten

Anita Eisakhani

Tammy Fournier

Marion Fraser

Harry French

Francis Gallo

Rick Hendricks

Fariha Husain

Ilana Kelemen

George Klemetsch

Dawn Lambe

Ian McVey

Ian Nokes

Kieran O'Neill

Garry Spence

Kristopher Stevens

Chris Young

Upcoming Meetings:


Past Meetings:

1st CEOO Consortium Meeting on April 3, 2017

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