Meet the 2017 Powering Prosperity Award Nominees

Nominees by award category:

The 20/20 Leader of the year:

    • Bullfrog Power
    • City of Toronto Environment and Energy Division
    • Enbridge Gas Distribution
    • Prowind Canada Inc.
    • SolarShare

Developer of the year:

    • Anvil Crawler Development Corp. 

Community Developer of the year:

  • Beach Community Energy Co-operative
  • Oxford Community Energy Co-operative

    of the year:

        • Ryan Duffy, Blackstone Energy Services
        • Steve Hubbard, Lightenco
        • Diana Livshits, Krumpers Solar Solutions Inc. 
        • Jeri Rodrigs, Rumidifier Home Comforts Inc.
        • Scott Rouse, Energy@Work Inc. 

    Innovation of the year:

    • Metrolinx 
    • Rumidifier Home Comforts Inc. 

    Indigenous project of the year:

        • Rumidifier Home Comforts Inc. 

     Community project of the year:

        • Beach Community Energy Co-operative
        • Camp Kawartha
        • Community Energy Development Co-operative
        • City of Markham
        • Economic Development Corporation of Wawa
        • Lumesmart Inc.
        • Oxford Community Energy Co-operative

    Sustainable project of the year:

      • Canadian Energy
      • Enbridge Gas Distribution
      • Prowind Canada Inc. 
      • Rumidifier Home Comforts Inc. 
      • Sea Container
      • Sustainable TO Architecture and Building and GreenBilt Homes

    Manufacturer of the year:

        • Canadian Energy 
        • Silfab Solar Inc.

    Non-Profit organization of the year:

    • Biomass North Development Centre
    • Plug'n Drive
    • Sustainability CoLab

    Special Recognition Award for Green Energy Doors Open Hosts

    This is a non-nomination category. The winner in this category will be selected from the 2016 Green Energy Doors Open Hosts based on their level of participation in the 2016 Green Energy Doors Open campaign. 

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