Powering Prosperity Awards Past Winners

2016 Powering Prosperity Award Winners

20/20 Leadership Award

Chatham-Kent Mayor Randy Hope, recognized for his leadership in promoting sustainable economic growth in his community with green energy and community engagement as a priority.

Developer of the Year Award

Whitesand First Nation, a far-northern First Nation community who has worked very hard and over many years to get the permission to build a 3.64 MW combined heat and power biomass plant, which will provide electricity to three communities. In 2016, Whitesand First Nation is expected to begin construction on the project that will provide the region with a steady stream of revenue, local jobs and an ample reliable, clean supply of electricity.

 of the Year Award 

Brant Municipal Enterprises was awarded the prize in recognition of its pursuit to bring socially beneficial activities, include the development of a renewable energy portfolio, conservation initiatives and the development of a progressive fibre optic network, to its community.

Sustainable Project of the Year Award

Ernestown Wind Park, a development by Horizon Legacy Group. Ernestown Wind Park is a small, low impact, 10 MW facility that is partially owned by a First Nation community and located near Kingston, Ontario.

Aboriginal Project of the Year Award

Six Nation of the Grand River Development Corporation (SNDC), recognized for its profound commitment to renewable energy in Ontario. To date, SNDC has direct ownership in a portfolio that exceeds 600MW of installed wind and solar generation locally, generating revenue for the community and creating jobs for their people.

Community Project of the Year Award (Two recipients)

Camp Kawartha, recognized for the leadership in growing sustainability awareness amongst students of all ages.

Ottawa Renewable Energy Co-operative (OREC). In September of 2015, OREC completed a solar project on the rooftop of Maurice Lapointe High School in Kanata’s Bridlewood neighbourhood, which was Ottawa’s 1,000th solar rooftop installation. The project is 100 per cent owned and financed by Ottawa residents through OREC’s community-based business model.

2015 Powering Prosperity Award Winners

20/20 Leadership Award

Jonathan J. Dogterom, MaRS Discovery District. Jonathan ensures that MaRS Cleantech is at the vanguard of innovation engaging diverse sector stakeholders while undertaking research and providing support to emerging entrepreneurs. Under his leadership MaRS Cleantech now supports more than 175 ventures, half of which are sustainable energy related, leveraging hundreds of thousands in investment and spurring more than 1000 jobs.

Aboriginal Project of the Year Award

Matt Jamieson, Six Nations of the Grand River. Matt Jamieson is his community’s sustainable energy champion heading up Six Nation’s Economic Development office. He has worked tirelessly to build local capacity and knowledge while negotiating mutually beneficial partnerships with Brant County’s renewables arm and Samsung.  The solar and wind projects that have and are being built are resulting in local jobs, significant non-government income, reduced dependency on the Federal funding, stronger ties and collaboration with Brant County and a deep sense of community pride.

Community Project of the Year Award (Two recipients)

Oxford Community Energy Co-operative Inc. The Oxford Community Energy Co-operative was developed to share up to 49% of an 18MW wind farm near Woodstock Ontario.  Originally initiated by the Developer Prowind with the assistance of Ontario Sustainability Services, OREC, in less than a year, has become fully operational, professionally managed by local community leaders and has raised close to $5 million with more than 50% of the investment coming from the local vicinity.

SolarShare Co-operative. Since 2011, SolarShare co-operative has been at the forefront of the Community Power landscape, enabling citizens to invest in solar energy projects across Ontario.  Solar share reaches about 50,000 people annually through it outreach, has secured more than 700 investors, completed 25 projects and collectively raised $5.5 million in bonds. SolarShare is the first Renewable Energy Co-operative to achieve RRSP eligibility and continues to support the democratization of energy through renewables.

Developer of the Year Award

Brant Renewable Energy. As a municipal entity, Brant Renewable Energy has secured 1.3 MW of FIT rooftop contracts, helped many residents install solar, partnered with Six Nations, Sustainability Brant Renewable Energy Coop and various businesses on several groundbreaking projects, installed electric charging stations and is now investing in communications infrastructure and a potential hydro site. Brant’s various initiatives are providing good green jobs to local contractors, reducing the county’s emissions, empowering local residents, strengthening ties with its neighbours and generating significant non-tax based revenue.

Manufacturer of the Year Award (Two recipients)

Celestica. As a company that develops, designs, manufactures and tests renewable energy products such as solar panels and inverters, Celestica is a key cog in the sustainable energy supply chain. Celestica is committed to integrating sustainable practices into its manufacturing and business processes. In the past year Celestica has launched a modeling process to identify ways to reduce energy use when producing solar panels as well as a Sustainable Workspace Program to educate and engage its employees.

Gerald van Decker, RenewABILITY Energy Inc. Gerald manufacturers the DWHR Power-Pipe, an energy efficiency solution that passively captures thermal energy from a building’s drain water that would otherwise be wasted, and can reduce heating energy consumption by 20-35%. Gerald has been a strong advocate in Canada, the US, France, the UK and the Netherlands for the incorporation of the Power-Pipe into their building codes. The use of this smart technology is becoming increasingly common practice with over 35,000 systems now installed in Ontario.

 of the Year Award

Phillip Playfair, Lowfoot. Lowfoot was founded in 2009 to leverage the data produced by smart meters to drive consumer behavioural change in the Ontario and Texas markets. Lowfoot works with utilities and energy providers to forecast load, understand consumer behavior  incent change and empower users with demand management self-service tools. Lowfoot is based in Toronto and currently has 5 employees. The company is focused on expanding its market share in the United States and Ontario and is beginning to market its services in Latin America and Europe.

Sustainable Project of the Year Award (Two recipients)

Local Improvement Charges, Industrial/Commercial/Institutional Buildings and District Energy Project; Sonja E. Persram, H. Robert (Bob) Bach, Michael Singleton. The Local Improvement Charges (LIC) initiative harnesses municipality’s ability to borrow low cost money by helping participating commercial, industrial and institutional property owners finance deep sustainable energy, water and stormwater management retrofits. The money borrowed is amortized and repaid over time through the property owner’s property tax bill and are designed to result in no net cost to the municipalities with administrative costs paid by the participating owners. The LIC team is currently working with three municipalities that are are looking at piloting a three-year program that will include development of district heating systems and other options for property owners.

Park Property Management Inc. Park Property Management is a testament to how affordable and quality rental accommodations can be provided at a reasonable cost improving people's lives through community empowerment, community and private space revitalization, increased comfort and lower bills while reducing carbon emissions and improving efficiency. Park Property with the support of the United Way’s Tower Neighbourhood Renewal pilot program, Enbridge, the City of Toronto, the Federation of Rental Housing Providers of Ontario and Toronto Hydro engaged the community of Thorncliffe Park, dovetailing equipment and building retrofits with energy efficiency education and community building efforts. Park Property Management is an inspiration to other building owners and property managers as well as the residents of the Thorncliffe and an industry leader in building management and sustainability practices.

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