Climate Change Resiliency Symposium 2019

JUNE 28, 2019


Dan Goldberger, Chair of the Board, OSEA

Session #1: Climate Change Resiliency

Key Issues Explored:

  • How real is Climate Change?
  • Can we even quantify the costs of inaction?
  • How is Canada and Ontario “adapting” to extreme weather?
  • What key steps are needed for Canada to move forward?

Speaker: Dr. Blair Feltmate, Head, Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation

Dr. Feltmate's presentation is available here.

Session #2: Insurance, Reinsurance and Ratings Panel

Key Issues Explored:

  • Financing Climate Change is prompting the Insurance/Reinsurance Industry to alter their strategy on insurance coverage and deductibles in Communities hit by Floods, Fires, & Tornadoes
  • How is the research being done at ICLR leading other institutions towards promoting resiliency in our communities?
  • Why is S&P now considering embedding climate risks as a key factor when determining state or local government’s credit rating?

Moderator: Jen Aitchison, SVP Sustainable Energy Practice, Hugh Wood Canada Ltd.


Glenn McGillivray, Managing Director, Institute of Catastrophic Loss Reduction (ICLR)

Nicole Martin, Senior Director, Green Evaluations-Americas, Standard & Poors

Session #3: Building Resilient Communities in Ontario while protecting our Watersheds in an Age of Climate Change

Speaker: Chandra Sharma, Director, Community Engagement and Outreach At Toronto Region Conservation Authority (TRCA)

Ms. Sharma's presentation is available here. 

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