Ontario Energy Sector Leadership Forum 2019

MAY 16, 2019

OSEA and Willms & Shier LLP held the Ontario Energy Sector Leadership Forum on May 16, 2019 in Toronto.

The objective of the well-attended event was to invite leading energy sector associations to hear the latest on energy developments in particular, electricity Market Renewal and OEB efforts at modernization were shared. Also discussed were Provincial Government priorities in the electricity sector, with unique insights shared from Power Advisory LLC and Sussex Strategy Corp.


Julie Abouchar, Moderator, Willms & Shier LLP & Dan Goldberger, OSEA

Setting the Table—Issues to Consider: Overview of where energy and renewable energy in Ontario & Opportunities:

Speaker: Travis Lusney, Power Advisory, LLC

a. Ontario’s Generation Mix / Supply, from “surplus today” to “post Pickering” in 2023 and LTEP out to 2030 and beyond in drive to reduce emissions;

b. Efforts to increase Electrification of Buildings and Transport

c. Transmission: Reliability and forecasted investment; role of adjacent wholesale markets e.g. NYISO, Interties, & IESO Market Renewal

d. Future Role of LDCs in the world of growing DERs (LDC consolidation)

i. Repowering Renewable FITs in place (e.g. Solar, Wind contracts)

ii. Role of Energy Storage (Deferral of T&D, Supporting renewables, Providing Ancillary Services to Grid, Adding “Resiliency” etc.

iii. OEB Modernization Process: C&I rate review process etc.

e. Opportunities in Northern Ontario and in First Nations – Bio-economy? Removing Diesel Generation? Extension of Grid and Pipe?

Mr. Lusney's presentation is available here.

Roundtable Open Discussion:

Speaker: Bonnie Hiltz, VP, Energy & Environment, SUSSEX Strategy Group

Provincial Energy Policy Post Provincial Budget:

Where is the PC Ontario Government on Energy & Environmental Policy Going?

Review of History since Provincial Election in June 2018;

i. Cancellation of 758 FIT contracts, GEA, and of Cap and Trade

ii. Fixation on reducing electricity prices (C&I and Residential by 12%)

iii. Economic and Job orientation as the top priority

iv. Energy Efficiency, CDM integration into IESO structure—Impacts?

v. Other Key Issues: GHG impacts? Growing the Bio-economy? Use of Hydrogen to take surplus electricity? Electrification of Buildings and Transportation? Growing Energy Storage opportunities

vi. Provincial Government support for sustainable technology exports

Ms Hiltz's presentation is available here.

Facilitated Discussion:

What can Energy & Environmental Associations in Ontario do to advance the growth of renewable energy, DSM/CDM activity, increase industrial and commercial competitiveness, advance innovation of DERs, and improve the efficiency and sustainability of the energy and urban landscape.

OSEA thanks the leadership of Willms & Shier LLP and for all those organizations that attended the event.

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