Powering Prosperity Awards - Nominations

It’s time once again for OSEA’s prestigious Powering Prosperity Awards. Now in it's 8th season, the awards will recognize excellence, innovation and best practices in the sustainable energy sector shining the spotlight on champions whose ideas and actions are advancing Ontario’s prosperity and our transition to a more sustainable energy economy.  

Nominations open November 9th, 2017 and close December 22nd, 2017 and can be made at the following link:

Nomination Form

Please read the General Rules and Guidelines prior to applying. 

The Powering Prosperity Awards seeks to recognize sustainable energy leaders in the following award categories:


Leader of the Year Award:

Individuals or organizations who have demonstrated leadership in Ontario advancing OSEA’s vision of a thriving sustainable energy

sector to power, heat, cool and move Ontario’s prosperity with good jobs, resilient communities and healthy environments.  Ideal

candidates should have also been engaged in an initiative that:

·         Promotes or is creating a more reliable, decentralised, integrated, flexible and affordable energy system built around

           portfolios of sustainable energy solutions

·         Creates collaborations between the community, public and private sustainable energy sectors

 Community project of the year:

Qualified nominees are projects by a municipality, co-operative, faith based organization and other community group (including

but not limited to: renewable energy, combined heat and power, district energy, energy storage, green transportation, smart

energy networks, energy monitoring, conservation or energy efficiency projects).

Ideal candidates should demonstrate:

·         Leadership within the local community

·         Leadership within the sustainable energy community

·         Best practices for community engagement and/or partnership

Sustainable Project of the year:

Individuals and organizations that have been involved in the development of sustainable projects (including but not limited to:

renewable energy, energy efficiency, conservation, building design, smart design).

Ideal candidates should have been involved in projects that demonstrate:

·         Integrated solutions

·         Low or zero carbon profile

·         A new and innovative approach to community participation & local economic development

Non-Profit organization of the year:

Qualified nominees are registered non-profit and/or charitable organizations that advance the ideas of sustainability,

renewable energy, conservation, and behavioral change. A nominee in this category may be nominated for its work in

general or for a specific initiative.

Key measures for consideration are:

·         Overview of the work or of the initiative and intended outcomes

·         Measurable impact (proof of impact)

·         Reach

Sustainable Enterprise of the year:

Qualified  sustainable enterprises are business's or organizations that think long-term about their environmental impact. They forge strong relationships with employees and members of the community. They find ways to reduce the amount of natural resources they consume and the amount of waste and pollution they produce.

Ideal candidates should:

·     Create long-term financial value.

·     Know how their actions affect the environment and actively work to reduce their impacts.

·     Care about their employees, customers and communities and work to make positive social change.

of the year:

Nominees are individuals who have a business providing products and/or services in the sustainable energy sector. 

Ideal candidates should:

           Own or, with a partner, operate a business (in operation for at least 3 years);

·          Have at least 2 full-time employees;

·          Provide sustainable energy solutions to consumers and/or businesses;

·          Demonstrate how their business is providing meaningful, well-paying jobs for the citizens of Ontario.

In addition, all nominees must comply with the OSEA Rules and Regulations. 

Special Recognition Award for Green Energy Doors Open Hosts

This is a non-nomination category. The winner in this category will be selected from the

2017 Green Energy Doors Open Hosts based on their level of participation in the 2017 Green

Energy Doors Open campaign.


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