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OSEA is now focusing more directly on its role as the leading provincial industry association advocating for the development and growth of all businesses involved in the Sustainable Energy sector starting with  technology developers and manufacturers. We also understand the essential support services provided to our sector by a myriad of professionals including consulting engineers, project managers, contractors, investors, lawyers, insurance providers and many other professional support services. We also appreciate that academic and research is at the core of our sector providing leadership and vision to our entire sector.

OSEA Supports an energy system for Ontario that is Ecologically and Economically Sustainable

OSEA believes that Ontario needs an Sustainable Energy system that makes sense for the province . Ontario need to optimize its use of the incredible clean energy generation and transmission system that we have created. OSEA also recognizes that different parts of Ontario have very different energy needs. Urban Ontario is well services by both extensive power and natural gas networks. Rural areas of the province has less access to natural gas, and vast areas of Ontario’s north do not have access of either of these energy sources so are often dependant on expensive and highly polluting diesel fuel. Northern First Nation and resource dependant

OSEA Supports Greenhouse Gas Mitigation

OSEA recognizes that the closing of Ontario’s three massive coal  fired power plants was the single largest reduction of GHG emissions in North America. As a result of this dramatic undertaking, Ontario’s core power generation based on a combination of nuclear and hydroelectric power, now supplemented by renewable solar photovoltaic and wind turbine power, is among the cleanest power in the world. OSEA knows that Ontario technology, such as hydrogen fuel cells to replace internal combustion engines, multiple bioenergy and biomass technologies advanced energy storage solutions and now innovations coming from Ontario companies and research centre are developing the solution that meets the needs of the low carbon future we all envision.

OSEA Supports a Stronger Focus on the Energy Needs of Ontario’s North

OSEA has always advocated for better energy solutions for Ontario’s vast north, especially remote and off-grid First Nation communities. Today we are advocating for new biomass energy solutions to power the needs of the north which is so dependant on costly and highly polluting diesel fuels.

OSEA Supports All Green Energy Technologies

OSEA supports the development and growth of all green sustainable technologies including innovative biomass energy, district energy, hydrogen fuel cell, lake water cooling, micro-wind turbines, nanotechnology coatings, run-of-river hydro, solar thermal and numerous other technologies in addition to the solar photovoltaic and large scale wind turbines we have watched expand exponentially. Canada has always been and continues to be a wellspring of innovative technologies – which has been an engine of our province’s prosperity and a foundation stone to our enviable lifestyle.

OSEA Supports Sustainable Energy Exports and Economic Development

OSEA advocates for the export of Ontario’s sustainable energy technologies internationally to create new high value manufacturing and professional service jobs for workers across Ontario. OSEA understands that the development and deployment of innovative new technologies within our province forms the foundation for growth that can expand exponentially through our incredible provincial networks to markets around the world that urgently need the sustainable energy products and services Ontario produces.

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