The Canada-Finland Bioeconomy Seminar Recap

20 Oct 2017 10:57 AM | Anonymous


Dear OSEA members,

OSEA attended the Canada-Finland Bioeconomy Seminar on October 10th, 2017 in Toronto. With over 50 years of expertise in bioeconomy growth and as one of the leading countries in the industry, Finland offers Canada a wide-range of expertise. Finland was represented by Kai Mykkänen, Minister of International Trade and Development, and his business delegation that consisted of a diverse group of experts from Finnish companies specializing in the bioeconomy and renewable energy sectors.

The Comprehensive Economic Trade Agreement, signed in October of 2016, strives to deepen commercial relations between the European Union and Canada by increasing mutual trade, creating new business opportunities, and facilitating the exports of goods and services. It also aims to cut the trading costs of small-scale companies. Finland is a major player in this trade agreement and is a country with which Canada shares many core values – including a proactive attitude towards the implementation of a truly circular economy. As 86% of its land area is covered in forest, Finland has become a leader in the use of wood-based biomass for energy production. It successfully and sustainably uses 60 million cubic metres of forest by implementing smart forestry practices. Through the use of small-scale harvesters, chippers, biomass heating systems, and combined heat and power plants, Finland has greatly reduced their dependency on fossil fuels, and has subsequently increased their ecological, social, and economic growth.

One major obstacle when implementing a circular economy is inefficient waste management. Finnish companies, however, are experts in minimizing their waste production, reusing and recycling raw materials, recovering energy, and disposing of waste. Additionally, they use waste products from side streams in the forestry industry for energy generation and feedstock. Earning titles such as forerunner in bioenergy and true innovator in waste-to-energy, OSEA believes that a lot can be learned from Finland’s sustainable forestry practices.

With over 75 million hectares of forested land in Ontario, OSEA envisions an evergreen future for Ontario!


Janis Wilkinson
Interim Executive Director

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