OSEA Policy and Regulatory Advisory Committee (OPRAC)

OSEA members converge once a month, every 3rd Friday at 10:30AM, to discuss current issues as well as responses and submissions to proposed changes, updates and newly introduced policies and regulations. The OSEA Policy and Regulatory Advisory Committee (OPRAC) is open to all OSEA members. 

Committee Chair:  Janis Wilkinson

Leon Wasser, Wasser Resources & Duke Heights BIA

For details please contact Janis at janis.wilkinson@ontario-sea.org.

OSEA Policy Discussion Forum

OSEA's Policy and Regulatory Advisory Committee Discussion Forum enables lively, informative and interesting discussions within the OSEA membership on policy and regulatory topics of their choice. The discussion forum is open to all members. It's being monitored by OSEA staff and issues may be further discussed during OSEA's monthly policy and regulatory update call.
To join the discussion forum, please click here to ask to join, or contact Janis.
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