Accomplishments to Date 


  • OSEA successfully held a series of successful events that were well attended over the year including;
  1. An Ontario Energy Sector Leadership Forum: held at Willms & Shier LLP's offices in Toronto with leading associations and experts in the energy and political arenas; key speakers included Power Advisory LLC and Sussex Strategy Group.
  2. A Climate Change Resilience, Mitigation and Adaptation Symposium: held at the Ontario Ministry of Investment and Trade with leading experts from the Intact Centre, the Institute of Catastrophic Loss Prevention (ICLR) and the Toronto Regional Conservation Authority (TRCA);
  3. A Green Exports to South East Asia Workshop: held at the Ontario Ministry of Investment and Trade with representation from the Ministry of Trade and Investment, The Export Development Corporation (EDC), The Business Development Corporation (BDC), Magnet Business Portal, and political representation from Indonesia, Thailand, Viet-Nam and the Philippines;
  4. Sustainable Energy Technologies Workshop: The official launch to GEDO TM 19, eld at Ryerson University with expert speakers from the City of Toronto's Green Industries Department, along with experts from Enbridge, ENWAVE, Canadian Green Buildings Canada, and Groundheat International;
  5. The Green Energy Doors OpenTM 19 Sustainable Technology Showcase across Ontario-The 9th Annual GEDO TM event to showcase District Cooling, Geo-Exchange, Wind, Solar, Biomass and Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) as well as E-Vehicle technology. (Please go to Events for GEDO TM 19 to see more).
  6. OSEA participated with a Trade Show Booth at the IESO First Nations Energy Symposium on November 4-5, 2019 at the Chelsea Hotel in Toronto. OSEA expects to build on this annual event to identify project and partnership opportunities to further sustainable energy deployment and capacity building in Ontario's First Nations communities.

7. OSEA has been active as usual at the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) 


  • OSEA continued to intervene to the Ontario Energy Board on behalf of its members and others seeking fair energy rates, greater access to the grid for green development and for introduction of DERs.
  • Green Energy Doors Open-was hosted across Ontario with approximately 3,000 visitors to its sites showcasing green energy projects, energy efficiency results and EV technology.


  • OSEA continues to work with Willms & Shier LLP to intervene to the Ontario Energy Board on behalf of Green Energy developers and consumers seeking fair prices and access to the grid.
  • Green Energy Doors Open - OSEA successfully brought approximately 10,000 visitors to Ontario, BC and Alberta, in partnership with BC's Sustainable Energy Association and Distributed Energy Alberta as its strategic partners.
  • OSEA held its Powering for Prosperity Gala Dinner Event on Feb. 8th 2017 where awards were given for most sustainable projects and most sustainable company in Ontario.


  • On-going Advocacy to the Ontario Energy Board via OSEA and Willms & Shier LLP.
  •  OSEA's Board announces new Mission Statement and Goals for its membership.
  • Powering for Prosperity - Successfully held the 8th Annual Gala Event with 250 Guests attending, and Awards for best Sustainable Project, Company etc.
  • Engaged actively in the provinces Long-term Energy Plan consultation process and submitted our recommendations through submissions pre consultation as well as during the public consultation process. (View submissions)
  • Received the Non-Profit Organization of the Year Award from the Biomass North Development Centre


  • Launched the Combined Energy Options Ontario initiative.


  • Championed the idea of a 20/20 Roadmap for Ontario


  • Engaged in the public consultation process around the provinces 2013 Long-term Energy Plan


  • Launched Green Energy Doors Open, allowing members of the public to meet the people and organizations leading the way to making Ontario a sustainable energy province


  • Launched the annual award ceremony Powering for Prosperity to celebrate the successes of our sector.
  • Created the Community Power Services Group (now separate aka Ontario Sustainability Services Inc.) to assist local community energy initiatives
  • Tide’s Canada Top 10 award recipient.


  • Counter negative media rhetoric around Green Energy and Economy Act and FIT, defend the rights of communities to participate in the development of sustainable energy projects with ad campaigns, webinars, and policy work


  • Hosted five successful international sustainable exhibitions and conferences (World Wind 2008,  Community Power 2009–11, All Energy 2014)

  • Co-founded the Green Energy Act Alliance & developed the policy document which led to the Green Energy Act and Feed-in tariff (FIT) program


  • Launched the Community Power Fund to assist local Community Power generation initiatives with soft cost grants


  • Campaigned and developed the policy document which led to Ontario’s Renewable Energy Standard Offer Program


  • Organization for formed to advance a sustainable energy system in Ontario with community participation

  • Facilitate dialogues between members and non-members on how to advance a sustainable energy system in Ontario

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